The Theory SCENE 4- Sasuke2

Okay! I forgot to add this. Sasuke's indeed troubled deep inside. Shall I give you a non-canon character similar to him? Okay, it's most likely on the Naruto's first movie.

Introduction: Koyuki Kazahana is a daimyo in the Land of Snow. She has a melancholic personality. She once stated, "I may be alive, but my heart is dead." Hate to admit it. Koyuki is the inspiring character to create my stories. Here's Koyuki as daimyo:

Koyuki Kazahana.
As far as we know, she is Koyuki Kazahana. By the way, here's for a canon. He's the Kazekage of Sunagakure, also wishing to have his revenge, BUT maintained his loyalty to his home village.

Gaara of the Sand as a child.

Gaara's been the interesting character. But he's tougher than Sasuke. For the most Sasuke's weak deep inside. He can't move on to the past. I don't like comparing Naruto to Sasuke because Naruto has been the positive.

Sasuke has been kind since he's a child. He's been the positive ever and the massacre's a nightmare in his life, a scar on his heart. The massacre killed his heart. Now he's dead.

FROM NARUTOPEDIA, Sasuke Uchiha's personality section.
Despite his usual coldness and cruelty, Sasuke showed a somewhat more vulnerable side to himself. This showed just how confused and torn up he is over Itachi's decision, telling his brother that he did not understand why he was spared during the massacre and apparently implying that he would have rather died as a child than have had to deal with the grief and suffering.

"I should have died! You were supposed to kill me and our parents together! And yet… Why was I the only one!? Why was I the only one to survive!?"
I don't know how Sasuke acted this. But please Sugiyama Noriaki-san! Tell me Sasuke! How?

Thanks for reading! Watch out for the next The Theory Scene!

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